(1)The Ponderers 

MDF, Paint, Projectors and Films
Film Lengths Approximately 1 Minute 35 seconds
Dimensions Variable

The Ponderers consists of six boxes, inside each a film plays of an individual or individuals sat by the sea.The individuals stare into the abyss and are drawn to the waterfront and  reminded that much of our day-to-day existence sometimes can seem short-term and artificial. It is a place which allows us as humans to think, re-evaluate and reconsider our lives. Whilst The Ponderers highlights the importance of individual thought, it also allows us to consider that all around us, in the distance, many more are doing the same. This artwork encloses these individuals in their own moments separately, the boxes containing them are all different sizes and dimensions gathered together, yet through the mundane they forge an un-earthly portrayal of life. Conveying the importance of each individual moment regardless of the similarities or dissimilarities we can have.