(4) Patient(s)

MDF, glass, plastic stripping, skirting board, light, carpet, chair, coat, clock, pin board, assorted posters, water bottle
52cm x 95cm x 165cm

Patient(s)  explores the boundaries of private and public spaces; in particular, how illnesses blurs these boundaries. Hospital waiting rooms are impersonal spaces which enclose individuals with vast range of complex personal circumstances. The constant activity within a hospital waiting room environment contradicts the isolation felt by individuals waiting for treatment. Standing outside the enclosed space, the audience can hear the hum of  looped sound recording playing inside  recorded in a waiting room. The looped audio expresses the feelings of tediousness and general unease created by a simultaneous stopping and passing of time. The metaphorical use of materials within this installation alludes to these emotional and physical situations which can affect us all, making the viewer aware of their own vulnerability.