(3)For My Parents

Multimedia Installation
Dimensions Variable

For My Parents is a large-scale interactive multimedia installation allowing the audience to enter a constructed hospital waiting room space and watch a videowork examining my parents experience with my Father’s illness and experiences within the waiting room environment itself. The visitiors could enter and leave at will and were also able to witness others sitting in the waiting room through the window.  In the films they take turns explaining how people who attend these spaces regularly tend to share stages in treatment. However, impart this can have an negative effect as they became witnesses to watching and overhearing other individuals wellness deteriorating whilst others might be getting better. The waiting room constructed aims to present that the boundaries between private and public; and in particular, how illness blurs these boundaries. As once the aundience enters the space, they too sucumb to being a witness to anothers story. A balancing  was created for the audience to be present in the moment, as well as a disconnect and a desensitising  to the intimate spoken word. This is similar to how it was imperative for my parents to  focus on their own ‘journey’.